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Medical recruitment by the profession for the profession

AMA Recruit is owned and operated by the AMA (WA), a not- for- profit member organisation, representing the medical profession and promoting the health interests of Western Australia.

AMA Recruit has been providing recruitment services for over 30 years. Our team of highly experienced professionals provide a values based approach coupled with impeccable customer service.

  • Our services include:

  • Sourcing experienced Medical Administration staff who play a vital role in any medical practice, including: Medical Receptionists, Medical Secretaries, and Practice Managers

Under the Common Use Arrangement (CUA) for Human Resources and Investigation Services, AMA Recruit has been supporting public sector workforce development by delivering successful, cost effective recruitment and human resource consultancy services to various Western Australian Government Departments since 2010.


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  • Fuelling the Frontline19 Apr 2020  Great news - we are off and running. So from this morning hospital cafe coffee machines will start churning out those thousands of free coffees you have shouted to our much-appreciated frontline hospital staff. The free coffees are to let hospital staff know that the WA public wants to thank them for; * bravely stepping up to work on the COVID-19 frontline * going to work for WA, while everyone else stayed home * the massive changes they have had to endure and disruption caused in their families *the heightened anxiety as they have watched the COVID-19 "storm" hit other countries and overseas colleagues have been infected with the virus *all the preparations they have made so our hospitals are better able to cope *the fight they may still have to fight * all the excellent care they have provided to WA in recent years that was not publicly acknowledged.
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  • To the Western Australian community – Thank you! | AMA (WA)06 Apr 2020 Premier Mark McGowan and his Government are to be unreservedly congratulated for implementing strong social and border controls and making WA one of the best places in the world to be during this pandemic.
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  • Calls for private pathology to be used to expand COVID-19 testing | AMA (WA)02 Apr 2020 Increased testing of patients showing symptoms of COVID-19, not just a fever, should be immediately agreed by the State Government, the Australian Medical Association (WA) said today.
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  • AMA (WA) applauds life-saving PPE contribution for COVID-19 fight | AMA (WA)31 Mar 2020 A $160 million effort to source and secure vital medical supplies and equipment by the Minderoo Foundation and Fortescue Metals Group, with input from the Australian Medical Association (WA), will directly help to save the lives of Western Australian health workers battling COVID-19, the AMA (WA) sa...
  • AMA (WA) welcomes potentially life-saving legislation being considered by State Parliament | AMA (WA) 31 Mar 2020 The Australian Medical Association (WA) today welcomed the Western Australian Parliament debating legislation that will enable doctors to use world-leading research and experimental treatments to target COVID-19 related illnesses.
  • Govt must step up as 'morale on the frontline is terrible' | Sky News Australia30 Mar 2020 WA Australian Medical Association President Andrew Miller says “there’s no way to dress it up, the morale on the frontline is terrible”. Speaking to Sky News on Tuesday, Dr Miller said frontline healthcare workers “feel as though there’s not a true understanding at the highest levels of wh...